Tabas Charcoal Miners' Statues

This project was defined by Tabas's Charcoal company as a reminder of the eforts of the minres to be installed at first entrance of the Tabas city, Charcoal square.

This project contains two sculpures of mine workers and a symbol of charcoal mine wagon. The length of sculptures are 6 meters and the lenght of the charcoal wagon is 3 meters. These elements are installed on a base with the length of 10 meters.

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Bandar-Abbas Haftsin

To celebrate the Persian New Year (Nowrouz), municipality of Bandar-Abbas (The main hurbor city in iran), Ordered a symbol of Haftsin (Seven elements which their names start with "s"). The symbol needed to be in a fantasy environment and be funny. 

The bigest part is more than 2 meters high and the width of all elemets together is more than 13 meters 

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Isfahan Ferdowsi Bridge

To pay honor to Ferdowsi (An Iranian Poet), Isfahan city municipality felt the need of an art work under the Ferdowsi bridge for whom walking by the Zayandeh-Rood (A river in Isfahan).
This projects is made of steel and iron and contains symbols of doves and some poems from Ferdowsi to honor him.

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Interior Design

During the years, some interior designs has been done for companies, organizations or private properties. The aim of this designs are always to bring visual art to the life of people.

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